The main function is to find the correct data to connect to the mail server using the protocol selected by the user. Then it checks the username and password for the connection. Also software got very wide functionality to work with, such as :

1) Imap contacts - Download all contacts from all folders of email with which the user has ever had a dialogue . You also can define folders to do not work with, or date or message number.
2) SMTP's delivery checking - Check your SMTPS for delivery . By default software check only auth . So you have to check delivery on your domains by this extra option if needed. Statistics of inbox/spam are present.
3) Letter uploading - You can load your letter or list of letters html/text/attachment into inbox of the user by IMAP protocol function. You need only valid access to the mailbox. This function avoid all spam filters and put letter strictly into inbox. Statics are present. Also there is very wide macros system available.
4) KeyWord Search - You can search your keyword in the letters of uploaded mailboxes. You can search by such headers : From, Subject , Body . Mixed requests ( FROM+subject, Subject + body, etc... ) supported. Also you can download this letters into html files. Also you can provide any result format for statistics you need by macros system in "Results Format" page.
5) Results format - You can provide any result format you need by macros system. Thats option provide you possibility for compatibility of results with another software.
For example, you can make a such format of results :
1) host,port,login,password
2) email:password
or any another format you could create.
Our program implements the best host&port analysis and search scheme, which is tested in practice and showed the best result among other products.

The program also allows you to implement a mass approach when testing vulnerabilities or finding the right data to connect not only to 1 server, but to millions of different ones at the same time.
Also CSA provides you a very options for statistics, IMAP , POP3, SMTP protocols, such as "IMAP contacts grabbing" , "SMTP's delivery checking", "Letter Appending", very flexible settings , macros system and custom results format that ptovide you compatibility with any 3rd party software.
Yes, socks4 / 5 supported.
Yes, supported, also by delayed timer available ! ( Loading socks from url every provided period )
The program will notify you of updates and download them automatically.
Lifetime free updates and technical support.
Yes, it is allowed to use the program on no more than 3 computers (in unlimited copies on each). If you reach the limit of bindings, you need to write a support to reset the bindings.
Windows XP / Vista / Win7 / Win10 , Windows Server 2008 and higher .
MacOS and Linux are not supported !
For normall SSL/TLS support , microsoft visual c++ library have to be installed! These are standard Windows libraries. Usually they are already installed.
Read the readme file carefully. Maybe you missed something. If the problem persist, take screenshots and a description of the included options and write to us at the contacts indicated at the bottom of the site.
The same as you specified during registration.
Not necessary. If you work with corporate mail, you can work without a proxy. But if you work with public ones like gmail , hotmail or similar, most likely a abuse will come to your server and your IP will be blocked for connections and the program will not be able to work correctly.
Enable option "Debug" before start. A file with the ".slog" extension will appear in the program folder. At this point, the program will run in 1 thread. View the contents of this file after finishing work. If you do not understand what is written there and how to solve the problem, please contact support by contacts indicated at the bottom of the site and attach this log.
You can download the update manually from your personal account (after authorization on the site) . In case of other problems, please contact technical support.
Go to your mail settings and in the Filters section add the domain "" to the trusted ones. In case of failure, contact technical support by the contacts listed at the bottom of the site and we will solve any of your questions.